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kerala therapies kizhi DubaiKizhi is a special type of external treatment. It is conducted in three different forms – Elakkizhi, Podikkizhi and Njavarakkizhi.

Elakkizhi – Leaves of medicinal plants and medication suitable for the disease sought to be treated are roasted in medicinal oils and then put into pouches. These are then applied over the body employing a special technique. Elakkizhi is very effective against pain and arthritic conditions.

Podikkizhi – The procedure is the same as in Elakkizhi, but in place of medicinal leaves, medicinal powders are used.

Njavarakkizhi – Njavara is a type of rice. This rice is processed in medicinal decoctions with milk and then packed in bags. The treatment is carried out using these bags. Njavarakkizhi is an excellent rejuvenation treatment. It is also employed for therapeutic purposes as it strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation and increases digestive power. Improvement of complexion, softening of skin and enhancement of physical constituency are the other known benefits of this therapy.

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