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Panchakarma – The Detoxification Therapy

Ayurvedic treatments are broadly classified into Sodhana (purification) and Samana (pacification). Sodhana is the process of detoxification of the body, commonly coming under the treatment group – Panchakarmas. It is a purification therapy comprising of five treatment modalities intended to correct the Tridoshas (Vata, Pitha, Kapha) and maintain an equilibrium of the functional factors of the human body. It essentially assists in removing the root causes of numerous diseases from our bodies.
We employ these procedures for prevention as well as cure. It comprises of Vamana (Emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Asthapana (Enema with medicinal decoctions), Anuvasanam (enema with medicated oil) and Nasyam (administration of medicines through nostrils.)

Oleation (snehanam) and fomentation (swedanam) are among the preparatory steps (poorvakarma) of Panchakarma treatment. The preparatory process enhances the physical and mental well-being eradicating disease whilst purifying the blood and prepares the body to reap the benefits of Panchakarmas therapy.



Traditional Kerala Therapies

All traditional Kerala massage/therapies/treatments are conducted by well-trained and experienced therapists, under the strict supervision of doctors. This ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and achieve desired results from the treatment.


Abhyangam (uzhichil)

Abhyangam Kerala Therapies in Dubai

It entails the massage of the head and body with luke warm medicated oils. It is used for therapeutic as well as rejuvenation purposes.

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kizhi ayurveda treatment in Dubai

Kizhi is a special type of external treatment. It is conducted in three different forms – Elakkizhi, Podikkizhi and Njavarakkizhi.

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pizhichil Kerala therapies in Dubai UAE

Pizhichil is considered as the top-most treatment in Vathavyadhi. The word ‘Pizhichil’ means squeezing. It is a type of Sarvangadhara.

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Dhara Kerala therapies in Dubai

Dhara may be done locally on a specific body part or all over the body – Sirodhara, Thakradhara, Sarvangdhara or Ekangdhara

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Pichu Kerala therapies in Dubai

Cotton pieces soaked in medicated oil are applied on the head or on the area of the body where the treatment is intended.

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Thala pothichil

Thalapothichil therapies in Dubai

This treatment entails the application of medicated paste on the head. It is
also known as Sirolepam.

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Thalam Kerala Ayurveda Treatment in Dubai

This treatment entails medicinal paste in medicated oil or any other suitable liquid being applied over the bregma area of the head.

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Kateevasthi Kerala Ayurveda Treatment in Dubai

This treatment is a special type of low back therapy. Black gram is pasted and moulded into a ring
and fixed on the spinal area.

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Tharpanam Kerala Ayurveda Treatment in Dubai

This is an eye care treatment in Ayurveda. Medicated oil or ghee is filled in the eyes using
black gram dough rings.

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Sirovasthy Kerala Ayurveda Treatment in Dubai

This treatment consists of keeping medicated oil in a leather cap fitted around the
head of the patient.

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Nasyam Ayurveda Treatment in Dubai

Nasyam is one of the treatments among Panchakarmas. Instillation of medicines through the nostrils is known as Nasyam.

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Thakradhara Ayurveda Treatment in Dubai

It is a variety of the Sirodhara treatment in which medicated buttermilk and decoctions of herbs are poured instead of medicated oil.

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Sarvang dhara

Sarvangdhara Ayurveda Treatment in Dubai

This treatment entails Dhara therapy conducted over
the whole body.
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Sirodhara Ayurveda Treatment in Dubai

Sirodhara is a treatment in which a stream of continuously flowing oil is
poured on the patient’s head.

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